Websites for Churches

Affordable Websites for any Church
Distinctive Websites are important to telling your church's story.

How is your church's Web presence?

Every church has a web presence these days, including your church.

Did you know that without a website which you control, your white pages telephone listing may determine what a person looking for your church may find on the internet? There may be no worship time listed and your denomination may be totally incorrect.

We can help

We setup and manage simple fast-loading websites for churches.  Our sites are designed to provide an introduction to your congregation, especially for people seeking a church in your community.  Searchers are given the basic information they need to find you.

We manage your website for you using your regular newsletter or regular information your provide to us. This eliminates finding a person with Website management skills in addition to the other qualifications that person may need. The cost for a 5 to 7 page "BASIC" website is about what you would pay a secretary to update your page.